Kokusai Shakuhachi Kenshukan Europe Workshop in Barcelona, 03-04.11.2018

KSK Europe is presenting a workshop on 03. and 04.11.2018 in Barcelona (ESMUC - Music College). The teachers are Horacio Curti, Jim Franklin and VĂ©ronique Piron. On the evening of 03.11.2018 there will also be a concert. Further information can be found from mid-October here.

World Shakuhachi Festival 2018 in London

The World Shakuhachi Festival at the start of August 2018 at Goldsmiths University London was a huge success. The programme was highly diverse, and feedback from the invited performers and the participants (a total of almost 300 people) was very positive. Impressions and photos can be found here. The next festival is planned for 2022 in China.

KSK Europe Scholarship

The third and final round of the Kokusai Shakuhachi Kenshukan Europe Scholarship for shakuhachi studies in Japan will be formally announced in mid-October, with application deadline 31.01.2019. Further information can be found from mid-October here.



Dr Jim Franklin is a master performer of the shakuhachi, as well as a composer.

He studied the shakuhachi with Riley Lee in Sydney, and Furuya Teruo and Yokoyama Katsuya in Tokyo.

In 1996 he received the title "Shihan" (Master) from Yokoyama-sensei. He is one of the few non-Japanese, and the very few residents of Europe, to have received this high title.

In 2018 he was Programme Director of the World Shakuhachi Festival in London.

He has lived in Germany since 2004, where he teaches and performs the shakuhachi.





Jim Franklin is a qualified teacher of shakuhachi, in the lineage of Yokoyama Katsuya. He offers instruction for beginners and advanced players in various German cities.

Teaching news:

KSK Europe is planning further workshops during 2019. Further information can be found here